Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions cover everything from the process of cleaning your gown to restoring and preserving it for years to come.

01 What is color restoration?

By restoring your family heirloom gown, we can make your mother’s gown or your grandmother’s gown look fresh, bright and clean for you to wear down the aisle!

02 Where should I mail my gown?

Mail your gown to 5313 UNIVERSITY DR. IRVINE, CA 92612. Please give us all the details you can for the cleaning of your gown.

You can mail it by UPS, Federal Express or U.S. Mail. Regardless of how you mail it, please make sure that you insure it for the worth of your gown.

03 How much will it cost to restore my gown?

To restore your gown the price will depend on the type of fabric and ornamentation. Color restoration prices start at $150 and go up to $300.

04 Where will you ship to?

We UPS ship to anywhere in the United States. After we have prepared your gown for the big day, we can ship it for you to any street location in the United States. This eliminates the need to carry the gown on the plane! In addition, your family can ship it back to us to clean and preserve after the wedding so stains of perspiration and food do not permanently damage your wonderful gown.

05 My gown is an heirloom and is going to be altered. Should I clean or alter it first?

If the gown is stained and any stain, no matter how small or large, is yellow or a deep dark brown, then the gown should be cleaned before alterations.

However, we also recommend that any seams be let out before cleaning.

Do not buy any fabrics or trims to match the gown in its present state. Colors will change during the color restoration process. You will need to match your additional trim selections, veils, etc., to the color of the newly restored gown.

06 Will my gown change color in the color restoration process?

If your gown is currently candlelight or darker and has food and beverage stains which have yellowed or turned brown, the process of stain removal will require that the entire gown be treated. During this process the gown might lighten in color.

Should you wish to keep the gown a candlelight or near candlelight color, you might forfeit some stain removal. Please specify whether you would prefer color preservation over complete stain removal.

07 Can I match lace from today to a gown from yesterday for alterations?

Yes, you may. However, clean the gown first and match the lace to the color of the gown after the color restoration process for best results.

08 Does lace and fabric, such as silk and satin, change color by the same degree during the color restoration process?

No, some lace will not become as white or light as the fabric of the gown. Likewise, some gown fabric will not turn as light as the lace. Be prepared to replace lace to complement your gown after the color restoration process.

09 Can results of the color restoration process be determined before cleaning?

No. Remember the 10% rule. For every week a stain remains in your gown you lose a 10% chance of recovery. The more fragile the fabric, the higher the percentage.

10 How much will it cost to press my gown?

The price will depend on the type of fabric and ornamentation. Press only prices start at $90.00.

11 What is preservation?

Preservation is the cleaning and packaging of your treasured gown using our 4-step process and following our storage guidelines to “preserve the moment” for years to come.

12 How soon after my wedding should I have my gown cleaned?

The sooner, the better. For every week a stain remains in your gown you lose a 10% chance of recovery. The more fragile the fabric, the higher the percentage.

13 When you ship my gown will it be insured?

Yes, for the value you specify at a small additional charge.

14 How much will preservation cleaning and boxing cost for my gown?

The price will depend on the type of fabric and ornamentation, as well as the complexity of stains and the result of consumer use. The average price is $200. Prices range from $150 to $300.

15 How long does the cleaning process take?

The length of the process will depend on the condition of your gown. However, it generally takes about two weeks.

16 Can I look at my gown after it has been cleaned and boxed?

Yes, you will be provided with a pair of white cotton gloves to use when taking your gown out of the box.

It is important to repackage it exactly as it was taken out, any steps missed could result in damage to the dress.

17 How do I know it is my gown?

We take a picture of your gown when it first arrives at the cleaners and again right before it is packaged. The picture is place on the outside of the box for your peace of mind.

18 Do you offer a lifetime guarantee?

Yes! We will reclean any gown which yellows over time due to improper cleaning procedures. No questions asked.

Our goal is to obtain the best results possible in cleaning after the effects of consumer use on fabrics. We will clean an item to point which we feel is the safest.

We will care for your garment as if it was our own — stopping the process whenever the fabric is threatened by the care procedure. Should you desire further cleaning against our advice, you will be asked to sign a release waiving ViewCleaners.com responsibilty.

We are fully insured and bonded for any damage during the process which does not involve customer use.

You may return your gown in its original container accompanied by the original invoice at any time. We are happy to redo a gown at no additional charge unless we feel the process will further damage the fabric.

19 Can I “preserve” my train, slips, headpiece, shoes also?

Yes, at an additional charge. Your train will be packaged with your gown; however, your veil, shoes, slips and other accessories will be packed separately from your gown. The glues and metals in these items will contaminate your gown.